5 Tips To Grow Your Potential

1. Know yourself. 

John Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker says, “To grow yourself you must know yourself.” We can’t agree more – recognizing that first you must assess your own strengths lie and identify where you have opportunity for improvement.

2. Growing is a continual process

Sometimes along the development journey we may get discouraged, overwhelmed, or believe we are an expert and don’t need to know more – and the reality is, our potential is unlimited if we continuously and actively grow and learn.

3. The buck stops with you. 

Take ownership of your career! While we encourage enlisting the help and support of others, like coaches, mentors, advisors, etc. accept personal responsibility for your career.  After all, no one cares more about your career more than YOU do! 

4. Ask for feedback

Growth comes from knowing who you are – who you really are!  The classic photo of the kitten looking in the mirror and seeing themselves as a lion is a great example of learning how to grow you self-perception, your identity by also understanding how others see you, your reputation. We don’t have to be perfect, and there are minimum level of behaviors, skills and attitudes in order to be successful at various levels and roles

5. Own your personal point of view. 

Know what it is, and how and when to express it.  Whether you are interviewing for a job, in a business meeting, or volunteering in your community, know how to express your point of view and when it is appropriate to express it.  Trust and authenticity radiate when you are open and honest about your point of view.