Who I Help!

I help women who feel stuck in their career cultivate and nourish their potential so that their professional and personal lives flourish.

I help experienced, professional women:

  • Caught in downsizing – restore their hope, renew their perspective, take the next steps, and get the job they desire
  • Shift from overwhelmed and burned out to apply resiliency strategies so that they find productive ways to navigate change
  • Focus their time and energy with direction and purpose so that they gain the success and life they want
  • Transition from their current role to a new role with ease and grace so that they step confidently into the success they desire in their new position
  • Move from vicious cycles to meaningful action so that they live a more victorious, rewarding life
  • Illuminate the intersection of their experience and talents to shine the path forward to create their best future

What I Do

I help you discover who you are, celebrate your unique talents, explore the best career fit for you, and help you branch out into the wild possibilities for your future by:

  • Building a confidential partnership with you, championing your growth, and celebrating the results of your learning and actions.
  • Creating opportunity and providing tools to help you make personal shifts that grow your potential, resilience, and balance.
  • Coaching and training you to recognize behavioral patterns for success, revise your career strategy, and building a relevant action plan.

What I Offer

Our three-pronged approach offers Personal Growth Curriculum provides world-class development content, builds a community for support and feedback in group coaching sessions, and accelerates your personal action and learning through 1:1 confidential coaching.

Personal Growth Curriculum

(live, virtual, on-demand courses):

Learn from our world-class career development content and our relevant business experiences to help you:

  • Learn how development works from cutting-edge content
  • Apply discovery tools with personal reflection
  • Discover your strengths, preferences, and what YOUR dream job looks like
  • Find gaps in your experience and knowledge, what you know vs. what you do
  • Explore what managers are looking for in candidates
  • Update your resume and social media presence
  • Learn to navigate Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Translate what you have learned into an action plan
  • Prepare for interviews

Group coaching

Join our community of career seekers, explore group coaching as both an observer and a participant, where we share:

  • Best practices while building supportive relationships
  • Gain new perspectives and tools to reflect on our own career journey
  • Give and receive feedback, sharing our learning and experience with one another

Individualized Coaching

Accelerate your action and learning through a 1:1 confidential Coaching where we:

  • Create a supportive environment focused on YOU
  • Use our discovery process to help you tap your own resourcefulness and develop actions to empower behavior change that support your goals
  • Partner with you as you implement YOUR action plan, encourage you as you navigate the journey forward, and support your accountability towards your desired success.

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